Arc Development

Scope of services

Our Services

ARC DEVELOPMENTS is an independent urban real estate development, investment and management company. Our diversified real estate portfolio encompasses luxury upscale apartment complexes, mixed use commercial buildings, mid-size shopping malls and residential development.

Property Managment

Arc Development’s preliminary focus towards management of a fully developed property is the assignment of a team of experts to manage the various properties held in our portfolio.

 In addition, during construction phase we are able to better control costs and quality during the execution phase of our projects.


We engage in urban contemporary development projects of medium scale. Our portfolio comprises of luxury apartment complexes, mixed use commercial buildings, mid-size shopping malls and family homes.

We further employ our expertise and understanding of the real estate market, coupled with our skilled manpower, and an organizational structure that enhances productivity

Acquisition / Procurement

Arc Developments actively engages in acquisition (development lease or purchase) of undervalued/underdeveloped properties by leveraging our extensive knowledge of urban development, as well as our proprietary analytical intuition.

Cost Effectiveness

Arc Developments is able to regulate cost, provide quality and timely executions of our projects by keeping operating expenses low. We maintain an effective small team that manages the properties we hold, the construction on the properties we develop and negotiates the most favorable prices.

Architecture & Design

We take clients’ design thoughts, architectural layout ideas and furnishings options and produce a rendering offering very close to realty of the end product.

Arc Developments aligns with independent interior and exterior architectural capabilities that engages a team of seasoned architects and structural engineers as we understand the requirements that go into every project, and what architectural teams need from us to deliver a project timely and within budget.

Our experts engage the use of Autodesk Revit software and CAD interior architecture technologies which allows the delivery of: